Excess Keeps Pace With Growth In Our Country The Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) has just produced its report on "Franchising in Spain 2008." According to the conclusions, in our country currently operate 875 franchise companies, 82% of national origin and the remaining 18% from other countries, with greater presence of arrivals from the United States (40), France (39), Italy (26) and Portugal (8) -, which implies a total of 32 channels more than in July 2008. Teaching or in the number of banners, highlighting the low fit in the real estate sector, 37 teach 34 (3 less), in the men's fashion, which now has 11 brands of the 12 operating, the Horeca loses another fast food (23 down to 22) and, finally, in the financial services industry, where he disappears and is taught a total of 30. u In contrast, there was also the emergence of new franchises in the following activities: five specialty stores, four of beauty and aesthetics, intimate apparel and miscellaneous services; three new brands in dietetics and para and the related services for automobiles, two health centers, optical and transport, and a training sector, coffee, snacks, computers, home textile, fashion accessories, advice and cleaning service. u Check In turn, the total turnover of the system has been increased by 0.5%, thus keeping the rate of sustained growth in the last review, which has increased from 24.786.9 billion calculated in July 2008-26010 million euros at the end of last year in December. u Of this amount, 65% were franchised (16945.1 million) and the other 35% to local character (9064.8 million). .
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