Sustainable Housing for the Future Much has been said about sustainable and self-sustaining housing. Sustainability according to the World Commission on Environment and Development United Nations is for the ability to use all the resources of our environment now possible without altering those who will our future generations. In the world of today, this premise seems to escape the general understanding of nations and countries as environmental policies (such as the word) are embedded in politics, and therefore, lack a common vision that respect ecological socialism equal. It seems that the issue is attached by little after dinner and discussions of the most varied kinds. Our environment today is a victim not only from the use of existing (logging, use of resources, mining and tailing etc) but we are also responsible for our errors of omission, because there are side effects including overproduction of plastic and glass, the few existing recycling policy in Chile, access to technologies, materials composed of metallic or e-wast e existing cell batteries and those who frankly have been made to be eternal. The house is where we dwell. It is a house that provides us with a suitable space to huddle, and insulate us from a hostile weather. Thousands of years ago the man did in caves. At that time they offered the inhabitants of two main elements, insulation for extreme temperatures and weather limit, the edge between inside and outside is necessary to protect life and intimacy.Como humans need to relate to others, for that cities provide us with services needed and we provide the macro with our planet, we still need to unwrap with our interior to accommodate our rites and customs. Today essentials these two points are lost in the standardization of homes today because the relationships seem to be endless. Some architects say that this may...
Dalmatia Vacation The city of Trogir is situated in Croatia, the closest in Central Dalmatia. Currently living in this town are around 13,000 inhabitants. The old town is situated on a small island and is the one with a small bridge to the mainland, connected to the other with a further bridge to the island of Ciovo. The town of Trogir in Dalmatia is one of the most interesting and attractive tourist cities in Croatia. In no other city can be found on such a small space, so much historical interest. The John Paul II Square is the center of the city, here you can visit the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the Cipiko Palace and the Town Hall. The former City Loggia from the bell tower, you can also commit from here. A climb to the tower of the cathedral is definitely worth his effort. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Trogir. Also of note is the portal of the cathedral. This was created in 1240 by master Radovan. When you come through the southern gate to the left hand is on the Promenade, a former bus shelter. Once there, visitors and traders of the city on the intake waiting by the gate. When one wanders from here along the promenade you come to the top of the fortress Kamerlengo. In the area of the city you can find many apartments and holiday homes. As the city of Trogir is not necessarily suitable for a beach holiday, it is advisable to take in the area for private accommodation. Beautiful beaches, secluded coves and pristine waters are found on the island of Ciovo.