Zohar Kabbalah Zohar for the People * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman Many books have been written before the Book of Zohar (Book of Splendor) and many more were written later, but there never was another work with such spiritual force. The draft "Zohar for the People" allows anyone who is still in its infancy in The Book of Zohar and the Wisdom of Kabbalah, feel and experience these writings in all its splendor, depth and authenticity. The Book of Books of Wisdom of Kabbalah The Book of Zohar is certainly one of the most notorious books in the world. Learn more about this topic with the insights from REBNY. Countless myths have been attributed to him throughout his life, and the mystery that surrounds it follows him to this day. The Book of Zohar was written in the third century CE, in a small cave called "Idra Raba" (Great Assembly), hidden in a forest near the city of Tzfat, at the foot of Mount Meron. Robert J. Shiller often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Ten Kabbalists led by Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai (The Rashbi), join in creating more Kabbalistic work significance in history. The unity that prevails among the group of Kabbalists in its creation and enters it in a book that contains the power to promote the spiritual ascent of anyone who wants it, allowing it to reach the highest possible degree of its existence. The Book of Zohar, shows us how we can influence our reality with our spiritual facts. The Rashbi describes how to operate our thoughts and desires and how they affect the development of present and future events in our world, emphasizing the unity and reciprocity among people as the only solution to all our problems.
Real Estate And Taxation The planned creation in the coming years the real estate cadastre with the transition to the taxation of a single object by its cadastral value can be realized in most parts of Russia with the inevitable use of cost approach to estimate (see 1). In this connection one should pay attention to the problem of determining the land (as well as a market and fair) value of the property means the cost approach if the land and improvement in the estimated object belong to different owners. In this case, the owner of the improvements on the land lease market conditions - from a private owner of land (for example, privatized enterprises, previously repurchased the land from the state) or on the contract conditions that are close to market - the state and municipality. Consider the problem of qualification of rights of use and ownership of land as objects of evaluation and and methods for determining the value of these objects. 1.Ob assessment and taxation of land belonging to private owners and leased. We turn first to the issue of the definition of the object at the time of evaluation lease land owned by private owner, using the arguments of 2. There is indicated that, in accordance with Art. 606 CC RF "on the lease ... landlord ... shall give the tenant ... property for a fee temporary possession and use or temporary use .... From this formula it follows that the lease - a deal to transfer for a fee (similar to buying and selling) of rights of use and possession of (or only use) from the lessor (land owner) the lessee (the acquirer of rights of use and ownership of land).