Real Estate Insurance But the most effective method of protection is to purchase an insurance policy that at the stage of construction of the facility shall insure the financial risk of the investor. Insurers before taking on responsibility, be sure to conduct thorough, free for the applicant, examination of the object and is building the company. If the risks are assessed as excessive, the insurance will be denied. Having been refused, you can certainly look for another insurer, but better - change builder. The volume of coverage from each insurance company's own. Financial risk can be considered non-fulfillment of a contract the developer or his bankruptcy, late delivery of the object or substandard performance construction, demolition or fraud. Insurance company, depending on the shape of the treaty could enter into as a partial or full compensation. In the second case of interest holders will have to abandon the right to receive an apartment and give their insurance company. At the expense of the developer, but need to meet with representatives of the insurance company to process the policy negates the convenience of remote purchasing Real Estate. A thorough audit of the company-builder, held by insurers is not a single day. Residents of regions - "remote" customers - have to risk and waive the insurance of housing under construction? Risk can be avoided by choosing a developer already has accreditation from an independent insurance company. For such insurance for the buyer of real estate did not pay her in advance to buy the developer to protect its own investments and investment "equity holders" of the force majeure.