Moscow Market This undoubtedly contributed to the big "release" on the open market for large plots of land for farming purposes with potential use by dacha construction. According to other experts, the market volume grew by only 10-15%, and its growth potential - 40-50% of what we actually put into question. The main increase in supply at the present time there is due to active release on market areas without a contract for construction. The proportion of such sites in the proposal is growing and already represents about 35-40%. Back in September, did not exceed 17%. Such sites tend to have a minimum set of infrastructure and only necessary services (which are often not included in the cost of the contract) and now offers a wider "zone" - a distance of 30 to 90 km from Moscow. If we talk about the value falls, then it is projected that in general decline in prices should occur at times. It is believed that under the main blow will be a pseudo-town "elite" houses, cottages and villages, for which the price was adequately inflated, and their number in the suburbs unduly dominated among other segments. From the standpoint of BusinessPartner a key factor in this drop in prices since the beginning of the crisis is the collapse in demand. Mortgage actually died, while the majority of people (potential buyers) significantly decreased real income. In this case, the majority of the population is not particularly in a hurry to part with the "cushion" and invest the funds previously accumulated in other assets, including the land, preferring to hold on to them.