Fiestas San Isidro The Fiestas de San Isidro are already here! After Easter and Pentecost, the coming great festivals are those of San Isidro. As this year the feast falls on a Tuesday, the weekend of 12-13 May is an ideal time to visit Madrid and celebrate the holidays of your pattern with locals. If you are looking for accommodation, you can choose to reserve a rental apartment for the weekend. From 11 to 15 may pays honor to the patron of the city, San Isidro. Terra is open to suggestions. For this are multitude of festivals, dances and events throughout the city. The popular Giants and Fatheads will be responsible to inaugurate the festivities on Friday, May 11 at 18: 00 in the afternoon in the center of Madrid. If you are not convinced, visit Gurugram Condos. The opening ceremony will take place in the Plaza de la Villa at 20: 00 and a zarzuela and popular music concert will be held at the 21: 30. On 12, will be held an original event in the Park of Vistillas, ideal for lovers of the schottische. It is a contest with a professional jury which shall be divided into 2 categories: musical performance dance. There will prizes in both categories, 1000 for the winners and 300 for the finalists.In the same place, from 12 to 15, there will be popular music. The music and sustainable development Festival is held on the Puerta del Angel stage, day 12 at 17: 30. It is educate the public about energy conservation and environmental awareness. The 13th, on the same stage, celebrates the Universimad, a festival with the best current rock music.
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