Brazilian Forest Code The destined areas the cattle one still are little significant and if they find more intent in entorno of the urban small farm of Aquidauana. To the north of the basin, situated village is noticed Green Lemon in the neighborhoods of the springs of the stream Joo Days. The urban area occurs downstream of the basin and recovers the south portion of the same one. With effect, one suggests that provoked more significant the resultant ambient alterations of the antrpica occupation in the basin, will have local implications obviously, however of bigger magnitude in the river Aquidauana that if finds more downstream. Figure 02? Vegetal covering and use of the land of the stream Joo Days in 1965 03 figure sample that the before busy area for natural vegetation loses space for the cattle one, what one consists in a deforestation of high ratios being able to arrive at a degree of destruction of 175,9 hectares per year. The increase of the activities developed in the hidrogrficas basins reduces quantitatively and qualitatively the water bodies, being this fact related directly with the disequilibrium of aquatic ecosystems, had the increase of antrpicas actions that modify the quality of waters (CALLISTO, et al., 2001). One of the main factors that contribute with the ambient disequilibrium of this system are the withdrawal of the ciliar bush, over all of the springs. In accordance with Tricart (1977) the vegetal covering functions as protection the performance of erosive processes, and with the deforestation they can be aggravated.
Da Vinci Code 40 million copies because as you mayaria it people it is not able to read seriously works, and we're accustomed in our society, to the culture of the image, it is like a comic book, without pictures, everything is conversation, everything is dialogue. That is why it is easy to read, and entertains and why it has spread so much. Probably broadcast also has an element, which to me strikes me deeply, and is that le Da Vinci Code, has spread so much, because it has sold the culture of suspicion, that is, we Christians, is not that non-Christians have not only read it, of course that we can read everything, not of course. I understand that there are much more interesting things to read. It also does not commit the folly in our schools as reading books propose works that have purpose very clear, and it is to destroy the credibility of the witness of the Church. Curiously in Spain however reading book that has been proposed in several colleges in religion class has been the Da Vinci Code. If the bishops were a little more attentive and to exercise the authority, which sometimes does not exercise it, it would be sufficient reason to dismiss all these professors of religion, because they collaborate with the destruction of the Church. So, I'm sorry but it is thus with all your good intension probably with all your ignorance, but in the Da Vinci Code, it is not an acetous literature. This code has a clear purpose, and is spreading, the suspicion concerning the reliability of the Church. What you won't reveal is that the simplistic view of the adventure of Jesus that the Church has preoccupied us, fifteen or sixteen centuries, has no consistency. Wow, all these centuries, millions and millions...