Da Vinci Code 40 million copies because as you mayaria it people it is not able to read seriously works, and we're accustomed in our society, to the culture of the image, it is like a comic book, without pictures, everything is conversation, everything is dialogue. That is why it is easy to read, and entertains and why it has spread so much. Probably broadcast also has an element, which to me strikes me deeply, and is that le Da Vinci Code, has spread so much, because it has sold the culture of suspicion, that is, we Christians, is not that non-Christians have not only read it, of course that we can read everything, not of course. I understand that there are much more interesting things to read. It also does not commit the folly in our schools as reading books propose works that have purpose very clear, and it is to destroy the credibility of the witness of the Church. Curiously in Spain however reading book that has been proposed in several colleges in religion class has been the Da Vinci Code. If the bishops were a little more attentive and to exercise the authority, which sometimes does not exercise it, it would be sufficient reason to dismiss all these professors of religion, because they collaborate with the destruction of the Church. So, I'm sorry but it is thus with all your good intension probably with all your ignorance, but in the Da Vinci Code, it is not an acetous literature. This code has a clear purpose, and is spreading, the suspicion concerning the reliability of the Church. What you won't reveal is that the simplistic view of the adventure of Jesus that the Church has preoccupied us, fifteen or sixteen centuries, has no consistency. Wow, all these centuries, millions and millions...
Cadaques Tourism Cadaques is a small coastal town located at Cape Creus.Es easternmost town of the Costa Brava and the Iberian Peninsula. Surrounded by mountain ranges of Cabo de Creus, Cadaques has always been rather isolated, in fact the first access road was not built until the late nineteenth century, being so far its only sea access point. The road linking with Roses Cadaques passes through the neck of the mountainous Perafina and despite being quite narrow and uncomfortable for many curves, it is worth visit and enjoy the breathtaking views it offers, both of Cadaques and Roses. The isolation of Cadaques certainly has preserved much of its local color: white houses crowded in stages until it reaches the sea. Among the narrow streets you can find the church of Santa Maria or the Museum of Cadaques, where Regular exhibitions almost always devoted to Salvador Dali. The figure is closely related to Dali Cadaques and one of its coves, Port Lligat, is the house-museum of the famous surrealist painter. It was the tranquility and beauty of this area that attracted the painter to Port Lligat, and still breathes the peace, despite the large number of tourists coming to visit the home of the famous artist. Of its once important industries salted remains the production of various products, highlighting the Anchoa de Cadaques. But the main activity is certainly tourism. The beauty, privacy and tranquility of the area, coupled with the legacy of Salvador Dali attract more and more visitors, making it difficult to find accommodation in the peak summer and Easter. .